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It's not often a darknet market changes its name, Abacus Market found itself needing to do just that soon after it opened in mid 2021. The market originally opened as Alphabet Market before swiftly changing its named to Abacus Market just weeks later due to the re-emergence of AlphaBay, leading to the two markets sounding confusing similar. This was not entirely a coincidence since Abacus Market was conceived as somewhat of a spiritual successor to AlphaBay, having a very similar layout at launch. It has developed significantly since this time however and ultimately outlived the reborn AlphaBay which disappeared in early 2023. It has since become of the world's largest darknet markets.

Disclaimer: The information provided about Abacus Market is solely for research and educational purposes only. Conducting purchases or sales on Abacus Market or any other darknet market may not be legal in your country. Always check local laws. We take no responsibility or liability for the actions of users.

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  • BTC = Bitcoin
  • XMR = Monero
  • Walletless means you can pay at the checkout without depositing to a wallet first.

In order to access Abacus Market, you'll need to download the Tor browser which can be found on the Tor Project Website.

About Abacus Market

Whilst serving most of the world, Abacus Market has a particularly large userbase in Australia, with some vendors based there already having over 30,000 orders at the time of writing. This is an astounding high number and demonstrates the market's dominance in this region. There's no shortage of vendors in North America and Europe however. On Abacus Market you'll find a wide range of products including: Drugs & Chemicals, Counterfeit Items, Digital Goods, Fraud, Guides & Tutorials, Jewels & Gold, Carded Items, Software & Malware and Security & Hosting.

Abacus Market requires an account to access, so once you've got passed the DDOS / bot protection (a rotating image captcha puzzle), you can either login or create an account by choosing a username, password and PIN. Be sure to the mnemonic code provided after sign up in case you should lose your password and need to restore your account at any point.

Abacus Market

Since Abacus Market was based on the original AlphaBay layout, it will be feel very familiar to those who have previously used AlphaBay, Empire Market or World Market, all of which used a very similar interface. However, Abacus has evolved quite a lot since these older markets and feels considerably more modern. What's more, there's also an active forum with a community of many thousands of users; perfect if you're looking to discuss products and vendors before committing to a purchase. There's an ample selection of information about each product and conducting a search is easy thanks to the array of advanced search options available.

Bitcoin and Monero are both accepted as payment methods (we recommend Monero for the improved security and lower transaction fees / times). Escrow protection of up to 14 days is available for most listings, except those with Finalize Early (FE) status, but these represent only a very small minority of the most trusted vendors. There's a robust dispute system in place which will see moderators intervene in the event that an agreement can reached between both the vendor and buyer should there be any issue with any order.

Final Thoughts on Abacus Market

The old saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' certainly applies to Abacus Market, since it does everything that AlphaBay did well, whilst developing things further to bring it up to modern darknet market standards. The customization options for dark mode and light mode will no doubt be welcomed by many users and overall the experience offered is a pleasant one. It's clear to see why Abacus Market has achieved the success it has to date.