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Nemesis Market came onto the darknet scene in September 2021 but is far more than just a market, since it also boasts one of the world's largest darknet communities, rivalling Dread and Libre Forum. Nemesis has undergone a number of redesigns since its launch and now has an advanced feature set, whilst still maintaining a simple and user friendly interface.

Disclaimer: The information provided about Nemesis Market is solely for research and educational purposes only. Conducting purchases or sales on Nemesis Market or any other darknet market may not be legal in your country. Always check local laws. We take no responsibility or liability for the actions of users.

Nemesis Market Link

  • BTC = Bitcoin
  • XMR = Monero
  • Walletless means you can pay at the checkout without depositing to a wallet first.

In order to access Nemesis Market, you'll need to download the Tor browser which can be found on the Tor Project Website.

About Nemesis Market

The market offers a vast range of products from over 1,000 different vendors worldwide. The main product categories are drugs, fraud, hacking, forgeries & counterfeits and other miscellaneous services such as guides and self-defense equipment. There are a large number of sub-categories with the drugs category being divided into sub-categories such as cannabis, ecstasy, benzodiazepines and prescription drugs.

Users can browse Nemesis Market and forum without an account, but in order to make a purchase or post, an account is needed. Luckily this is super simple and only requires a username and password. A PGP key can be added later but is only mandatory if you are a vendor.

Nemesis Market

There are a wide range of security features on Nemesis, including mneomic code, PGP 2FA, escrow protection for buyers and advanced anti-ddos protection, meaning the market has very high uptime. When browing products, you'll find detailed information provided by the vendor including a description, photos and user reviews. All prices are shown against a single listing to ensure the market is easy to navigate and not full of duplicate listings.

Both Bitcoin and Monero are accepted as forms of payment, with funds either being deposited to a market wallet in advance, or by simply paying at the checkout using the walletless pay functionality. 14 days escrow protection is available for all products, with the option to raise a dispute before payment is released to the vendor in the event of an issue. A handful of the largest and most trusted vendors have Finalize Early (FE) status, meaning they get paid immediately after shipping, so avoid these if you do not trust the vendor to fulfil the order. However, from our observations, these vendors typically have some of the highest ratings so for smaller orders the risk can be considered low.

Final Thoughts on Nemesis Market

With a vast community and a large selection of vendors to choose from, it's clear to see why Nemesis Market has become one of the most visited sites on the dark web, and it's estimated that the site handles tens of thousands of transactions every week, with numbers growing every day. Thanks to the active forum community here, it's easy to share information with other users and this helps provide protection against scams. The strong track record of Nemesis and friendly interface means it's one of the most popular destinations for darknet newbies, whilst also being popular with many veteran users.