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Having opened in September 2022, Torzon Market has established itself as one of the largest darknet markets, with over 20,000 listings and vendors located across the globe selling a selection of drugs and other services. Torzon has faced a series of DDOS attacks during its time, but has always bounced back quickly and has built up great trust amongst darknet users for its continued high quality service.

Disclaimer: The information provided about Torzon Market is solely for research and educational purposes only. Conducting purchases or sales on Torzon Market or any other darknet market may not be legal in your country. Always check local laws. We take no responsibility or liability for the actions of users.

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  • BTC = Bitcoin
  • XMR = Monero
  • Walletless means you can pay at the checkout without depositing to a wallet first.

In order to access Torzon Market, you'll need to download the Tor browser which can be found on the Tor Project Website.

About Torzon Market

Wherever you are in the world, there are hundreds of vendors on Torzon Market to provide goods and services to you, with more joining the platform regularly. Torzon contains a wide range of products including drugs, fraud, digital goods, hacking and counterfeits. The market takes a commission of just 4% which is lower than some rivals, but generates additional income through its market raffle and premium customer accounts. There is escrow protection available for most vendors, with Finalize Early only applying to very large and reputable darknet vendors. This means you have the opportunity to raise a dispute in the event that the product or service you pay for is not delivered, or is not as described. Premium customers have the opportunity to extend escrow periods for longer, alongside a range of other benefits such as free raffle tickets, all in exchange for a modest monthly fee.

Before you can browse or purchase anything on Torzon, you'll need to create an account first. All you need to provide is a username, password and PIN. No personal information such as name, email address or telephone number is requested at any stage. Ensure you save the mnemonic code provided after registering in case you should lose your password and need to restore access to your account. You can optionally add a PGP key later to provide 2 Factor Authentication.

Torzon Market

Torzon Market allows you to find products either by selecting a product category, entering in search terms, or doing an advanced search to filter by shipping location, price etc. Each product listing contains detailed information including photos, shipping information and reviews from past buyers. There is also detailed information about each individual vendor to allow you to see their history and ratings from other buyers.

Both Bitcoin and Monero are accepted on Torzon Market, which are the two most popular darknet cryptocurrencies. Monero is both fast and has low transaction fees, while also being untraceable. Bitcoin has higher fees and is the slower, but is the most widely adopted, so it's welcome that this is still offered. When looking to make a purchase, you can choose whether you wish to first deposit to your market wallet, or instead pay at the checkout via walletless pay.

Final Thoughts on Torzon Market

Everything you could want in a modern darknet market is offered by Torzon and it has now established itself as a trusted brand. Strict rules are in place to protect users from scams and the support team has gained an excellent reputation for their fast responses to support tickets and dealing with disputes. If this is something which is important to you as a buyer or seller, then Torzon Market is likely to be the perfect darknet market platform for you.