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This is your one stop shop for finding the most popular darknet markets available via the Tor Network. We provide .onion links for each site, as well as a summary of the features these marketplaces offer. Every market listed here is verified as being online and active, and we will promptly remove any that are discovered to be scamming or where serious security issues have been identified, such as IP leak.

Our aim is to both inform and educate, so we also provide some basic guides on how to stay safe when using the dark web.

Disclaimer: The information provided by darknetmarketlinks.net is solely for research and educational purposes only. Conducting purchases or sales on darknet markets may not be legal in your country. Always check local laws. We take no responsibility or liability for the actions of any user of this site.

Ensuring you are secure before visiting darknet markets

Remember, simply accessing darknet markets isn’t illegal, but it's still advisable to hide your activities from law enforcement for reasons of privacy. Before you do anything, you'll need to download the Tor browser which can be found on the official Tor Project Website.

Using a VPN is entirely optional since Tor anonymises your activity, however it is still possible for your ISP to know that you are accessing Tor, even if they can't see what you're doing. If you are going to use a VPN, it's advisable to use one that accepts cryptocurrency, particularly an anonymous cryptocurrency such as Monero. We recommend Mullvad or AirVPN, but there are multiple others which also accept Monero.

When using the Tor browser for the first time, the first thing you should do is go to Settings then Privacy & Security. From here ensure you select 'Safest'.

Tor Browser Security Settings

Once that is done, you're ready to start accessing darknet markets.

Darknet Markets List

  • BTC = Bitcoin
  • XMR = Monero
  • Walletless means you can pay at the checkout without depositing to a wallet first. Some markets support both payment methods.

Let’s learn more about each of these dark web marketplaces one by one. Rather than a long and boring list of features however (since all markets offer basic functionality such as escrow, PGP etc.) we're going to provide a summary of each market as if it were a person describing itself. A rather innovative and more interesting way to approach darknet markets in our view. Let us begin.

1) Nexus Market

Market Link: http://nexus6ca2hqvvhxeuinbsljoj6gs2aza42gw6yjkefhlfi7bwpboa4qd.onion

Nexus Market

I am defined as a core, or a means of connection. In this respect, I connect buyers and vendors from around the world, with the aim of providing the safest shopping experience on the darknet. I indeed provide the functions you would expect from all other markets, but do it much better. There is no need to be humble when you have confidence in your abilities. I also offer flexibility on payments types, whether you prefer Bitcoin, Monero or even Litecoin. Not many markets can say such things. I am a universe that many can co-exist in peacefully. I am a next generation market.

2) Drughub Market

Market Link: http://drughubuhpi7owqizt2xnasnrlvblkul4d6hkwrycx7t3pma6kdzuaid.onion

Drughub Market

I am one of the only markets which was already a legend before it was born. Why, because I am a phoenix born from the ashes of White House Market, which is remembered for peacefully retiring some years ago. I am a firm believer in cryptocurrency as the future, but also prioritize the safety of users. Therefore I only accept Monero as a payment method, and PGP 2-Factor authentication is mandated to ensure no user's private information can ever reach the hands of law enforcement. Visa and Mastercard are for the old world and represent the oppression I stand against. I do things differently and refuse to become part of a cartel of markets that exit scam time and time again. I shall rise above while the others fall.

3) MGM Grand Market

Market Link: http://duysanj4hc67rd2hkkrmngj66vj25kxhvafnp3qwrcjcyfgwwd4eeiid.onion

MGM Grand Market

I am an organically grown platform, the healthiest of all markets. I am here to stay as my bones are structured deep in this dark earth. Thousands have come and stayed as I am the grandest. My visuals are the best out there, from warm sunlight to cool moonlight rays. I am the biggest fan of Bitcoin but the benefits of Monero are on my radar for future prosperity. My rules are strict and are applied fairly. I may sound like a casino, but spending your money with MGM Grand Market is always a safe investment.

4) Abacus Market

Market Link: http://abacuskupyavglwsj5pspninonywtpjmqsnf64dqwtpcposq75arsfid.onion

Abacus Market

Aussies love me, but I'm a global phenomenon. You can come and surf on the waves or you can do that after you shop! Chill on my forum, ask, reply, all created for your interaction. You can choose day or night, sun or moon, possibly just dark or bright! I accept XMR or maybe more traditionally, you could pay with digital gold; BTC. I wont be keeping your details but self PGP encryption is encouraged. You can interact with the vendors directly, leave reviews and even dispute if you need to, thanks to our escrow protection. I am a good mathematician and more Alpha than the Bay that came before me.

5) Torzon Market

Market Link: http://torzon4ek3oej2nv7itw63hd7z56ot63dpqhbaspk25j25dkr3khfqqd.onion

Torzon Market

I am the Amazon of the Tor realm. My birth was in September 2022 and I have more than 20,000 products and services to offer you. I'm happy for you to pay with Bitcoin or Monero, and you can deposit to a wallet or pay at the checkout, whatever you're more comfortable with. My customer support aims to be the best on the darknet, and I have big ambitions to be the number 1 market someday. Maybe that day isn't so far away. Move aside Amazon, Torzon is here!

6) We The North Market (Canada only)

Market Link: http://hn2paw7xhuadhegnbdbdmpap2g6vxjv7d22uhuzg4uz7thf7qbqqvkid.onion

WeTheNorth Market

I am the wolf, I am the maple leaf, I am the true northerner that you can find in this franco-anglo world. My colors are the colors of our nation as I am the one and only. Speak English or speak French, but that’s all you can speak when shopping here since those are Canada's official languages. You might be based in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal or Quebec City, but I love you the same. Pay here with BTC or XMR, it is all the same for me. My fun features include a forum, a sports bet panel and a credit card autoshop. Snow white does her shopping here.

7) Ares Market

Market Link: http://rj25tf2tbwt4no22slufc56weql2em2v2zkorklebk3qj6rbbr6bmoid.onion

Ares Market

I am a Greek god in the form of a darknet market. I bring you walletless pay, support for Bitcoin and Monero, dark mode by default, QR code payments and thousands of listings to choose from whether it be drugs, credit cards, hacked accounts, counterfeits and so much more. I am certainly a God who is up with the times and a gladiator who will live on for many years to come.

8) Mega Market (Russia and CIS countries)

Market Link: http://mega5aa555dhqmbp3mds2k4bbexqky3k2iqaqk4djpqogssr3f7mqqyd.onion

Mega Market

When Hydra Market was finally defeated by law enforcement, I was ready to take the crown as the largest market in Russia and the CIS territories. If you're from the west, then Mega Market won't be for you, but for those in Russia and its neighbouring nations, I offer everything you could possibly desire. I am called MEGA for a reason, because I boast tens of thousands of listings from thousands of different darknet vendors. Post and drop location deliveries are offered by vendors to cater to any needs.

9) DarkDock Market

Market Link: http://ddockkkwl45kmnnd7b332qu4h3ov66e3zy2ytrpfarpswvtldcx3cvad.onion

DarkDock Market

Within me you will find everything your heart desires from drugs, software, tutorials, digital goods, leaked documents and even gold. Wherever you live, I bet I can match you with the perfect vendor. Whatever you're looking for, I have it, thanks to my over 22k listings, and growing with each passing day. You can browse me without the need for an account. When it's time to pay, whether Bitcoin or Monero are your preference, I have you covered. I am the place in the darknet where you can forever dock your ship.

10) Archetyp Market

Market Link: http://arche442iyjshuhzxgm2crkhoswvshdx2bko5vkvvbnkoeo3fr6liuqd.onion

Archetyp Market

I am a true star, shining the brightest. My colors are what sky is made of; I am your true home in this dark world. I am an XMR only marketplace because safety and security matter above all else. My rules are strict, I am known for swiftly banning those who do not follow them. Scammers, this is not your place. I am here to outshine and outlive all other markets. I am the Zeus governing all archetypes in your psyche. Roll the Archedice and keep on rocking.

11) Flugsvamp 4.0 (Sweden only)

Market Link: http://flugsvcy5n773fqtcsxqtvnls33qh66glo36pxzvzvw7d5pwlnav2oqd.onion

Flugsvamp 4.0

I am the number 1 market in Sweden. I am version 4 after the 3 previous markets faced the wrath of oppressive government forces, but as long as the darknet needs me, I shall be reborn as many times as necessary. I am exclusively for drugs and accept Bitcoin only for payments. Whether it's cannabis, magic mushrooms or something a little more hardcore like cocaine or ecstasy, Swedish customers will find what their heart desires on Flugsvamp.

12) BlackSprut Market (Russia and CIS countries)

Market Link: http://btrhbfajwnzdfheibqqpnl2cp3lftwmde5dvlmeumbn6k5f36fxyi4ad.onion

BlackSprut Market

I am the largest market of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) since the fall of Hydra Market, although Mega Market hotly contests this title. I'll welcome any Russia speaker, and have a huge selection of drugs and digital goods for sale from thousands of different vendors. Even if you're from outside of one of these nations, you may still be able to make a purchase here, you'll just need to speak Russian to navigate the interface. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency supported.

13) Kerberos Market

Market Link: http://kerberos7re4xjwjrrr6ndawkj3ulimuuaqzip3xc2gwtpyd4pwdhkid.onion

Kerberos Market

I am named after the mighty dog, Kerberos, and ruled by Lucifer. I have existed since February 2022 and intend to exist for many years to come, having served all those that pass through my darknet marketplace loyally so far. Whether you wish to pay with Bitcoin or Monero, I can accommodate your needs. Customers are welcome from all nations, Lucifer does not discriminate.

14) Dark Matter Market

Market Link: http://darkmatjyny5qmvazltu2zrmdqqjxhf4l6k6o3rf5clnduqwxxwqs5yd.onion

Dark Matter Market

I am not the oldest market, but offer much promise. My audience is organic just like my innovations. My matter is dark but my future is bright. I have a private shop option, for the best protection ever. Vendors can have a subscription there, if they would like technical support. It’s more of a private relationship between the customer and client that I have invented. I have an academy, where you can earn certificates for demonstrating your darknet security knowledge. Perhaps you are not too cool for this school! I am a walletless market and offer account-less shopping. Only XMR works here. I have an affiliate program, all you need to do is to come and join!

Other darknet websites worth exploring

In addition to darknet markets, we have provided a selection of other darknet resources which you may find useful. Note that some are on the clearnet, but only those which do not involve cryptocurrency transactions, so these can be considered safe.

Darknet Shops and Services